3 Brushes for DIY Holiday Calligraphy

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Holiday brush calligraphy by Chrystal Elizabeth

The classic art of calligraphy has become a growing trend in recent years. Brush lettering is fantastic for DIY holiday projects such as greeting cards, gifts, and decor.  Experienced calligraphers and creative beginners are taking to Instagram with lovely painted lettering using watercolor and brushes. Here are some watercolor calligraphy brush favorites from the experts.

Heritage Synthetic Sable: Round #6

Heritage drinks up water, paints supple strokes and has a natural snap. The blend of hair creates a fine point and crisp edge perfect for brush lettering. Created over 20 years ago, Heritage was the first synthetic sable to be offered by Princeton, and is still a popular choice for watercolor artists.

Chrystal (IG: @chrystalelizabeth) paints a holiday greeting with a Round #6 from the Heritage series.

 Velvetouch: Premium Brush for the Perfect Touch: Round #6

These brushes are made of a premium blend of synthetic, tapered to provide precision and fine detail, while the full body provides a controlled release of color. The blend of synthetic is unique to each individual shape, and the smooth Velvetouch™ handle offers a comfortable, luxurious feel.

Jess (IG: @jeshypark) paints a lettering/wreath combo in this fun, quick video tutorial.


Neptune Synthetic Squirrel: Round #4

Neptune is known for its resemblance to natural squirrel hair, and is more durable and affordable than natural squirrel. The full belly holds a tremendous amount of paint and water, offering a beautiful release of color.

Courtney (IG: @tulippoplarco) painted this beautiful holiday ornament concept and lettering with her #4 round from the Neptune series.