Ania Zwara

Featured Artist

Ania Zwara posted her first watercolor illustration in 2017 on her Instagram feed @mamafabrics…it was only an experiment, preparing a birthday card for grandma. Who could guess that this would turn into a real creative business and a recognizable floral brand?! Artistic easy going attitude, open mind and endearing floral compositions quickly became close to thousands of hearts all over the world. Constantly focused on the development and sharing her art, Ania built a community of fans that counts over 37K+. A full-time watercolor artist, graphic designer and surface pattern designer based in Reda, Poland. Flower lover but prefer to have them on paper so they will not fade 😉 …wife, mum of 3, an architect by profession (graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology) …and artist from birth…

Her creative soul never stops dreaming that’s why she chose a freelance creative path instead of an architect career. Although undoubtedly architectural studies gave her a solid creative base. …daily life as a full-time mother gives her a lot of inspirations as well as the surrounding nature and the world that is changing. Every day is a challenge to get new ideas for both new artworks and their use.

She is a founder of Mama Design Concept sp. z o.o., engaging and empowering teacher on an online learning platform – Skillshare and a member of design teams that promote creativity and support artists. Ania collaborates with clients from all over the world by selling her illustrations, creating custom graphics (logo, pattern designs for fabrics) and also licensing her artwork. Follow her “art diary” on Instagram @mamafabrics and get to know her better as a warm family person who loves to bake cakes for relaxation.

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