Bincy Mathews

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Bincy Mathews, also known as The Art Beat By B is an engineer by profession, artist by passion, currently a stay-at-home mum, exploring the love for art and nature, weaving stories with her artworks and photography through the wild journey of motherhood! She was always interested in art, but she started putting efforts to develop her skills in 2008. At that point she primarily used to do pencil sketching. In 2018 after her daughter was born, she decided to quit her job to give her full attention. Being at home, she focused herself to her passion in art once again and started an Instagram account dedicating her little free time in developing the account since 2019.

Bincy loves to experiment with different mediums and different subjects. With just a span of 1.8 years, her page has been followed and appreciated by over 61,500 followers. She started to use watercolors since 2019 and fell in love with it ever since. She also enjoys Pencil Sketching, Mandala, Acrylic paintings. Her biggest inspiration is nature of which sunsets are preferred choice.

Being a mom of a toddler, it is difficult to find time for herself but she makes sure to spend at-least 1-2 hours daily practicing art. She greatly appreciates the constructive and supportive feedback from her friends and the art community, and she feels a great sense of accomplishment every time she posts her work. This little time spent also helps her be positive and confident. Bincy also has a YouTube Channel which she recently started.

You can find out more about Bincy by finding her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

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