Cheryl Sun Ong

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Cheryl Sun Ong is a watercolor artist and teacher based in Sydney, Australia. She took up Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design and became a Graphic and Web designer. It was only when she left the corporate world that she discovered her passion for traditional media and fell in love with watercolor, and eventually, acrylic and gouache as well.

She began painting in 2016 and instantly became known for her soft and dreamy style of painting flowers, birds, still life and landscapes. Flowers in particular became her muse and the style that she gravitated towards was Abstract and Impressionism, but with a bit of structure. Her Fantasy Blooms series is a collection of paintings using her techniques in watercolor; capturing nature but evoking a more abstract and whimsical feel to arouse dreaminess, fantasy and joy.

She is now also a full time mom but still conducts watercolor workshops, teach private sessions and have online classes available to all watercolor enthusiasts.

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