Christian Masot

Princeton Signature Artist

I am Christian Masot, and I came onto the scene 17 years ago as a young man with a hunger to learn the art game. I’ve tried to accumulate a diverse knowledge of art media because I like what each one has to offer; this has led me to a “you never know what you’re going to see next” type of art style. Sometimes it’s painting or photography. Other times you can find me furniture building. Nevertheless I try to bring something unique into everything I do. It’s an artist’s job to create something that someone somewhere cares about. I may not know who or where that person is, but if something inside me is urging me to create it, I know that it has a purpose. In painting I try to capture an ethereal moment that draws you in, so you can relate to what the subject is feeling at a particular time. When I paint I think of it as showing viewers a movie with no sound, to which they write their own soundtrack.

I graduated with an English/teaching degree from Montclair State University before becoming a full-time artist and have been lucky enough to travel all over the country as an art consultant and freelance designer. I have worked with networks such as Bravo, Spike TV, and MTV and am fortunate enough to be a mentor on the television show Tattoo Rescue and an ambassador for the esteemed Royal Talens and Canson companies.

This fall I am set to launch my most proud endeavor, Black Bird Gallery and Art Studio in Jersey City. It will feature bright local artists as well as an educational facility in which I will teach painting and photography lessons. I am very excited about this new chapter in my life. I really feel like teaching is my calling, and I can’t wait to work with new artists and watch them develop. I tell people to never stop themselves from becoming the person they are meant to be. I encourage them to set aside their reservations and indulge themselves in the art world. People who are afraid to become artists feel that way because they assume that their art will be subpar, but in reality every painting we paint or photo we take is another practice day on the court before a big game.

Artist Contact:

Instagram: @christianmasot