Christina MacArthur

Featured Artist

Christina began her journey with art at just four years old, after her mom signed her up for art classes. She immediately fell in love with creating, and went on to take a variety of art classes throughout her life. As an adult, she made the decision to put herself out there as an artist. Christina is a hand lettering and watercolor expert, and is the artist behind two successful Instagram accounts (@pocketfulofletters and @thenativecoyote) in addition to being a demo artist.

When it comes to her artistic style, Christina loves using ink to provide an extra touch to each piece. She feels grateful for the opportunity to create each day, and encourages others to make time to do the same. She hopes to inspire others to explore their own creativity through any form of medium — watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, hand lettering, coloring, and more. In addition to being an entrepreneur, an artist, and an avid adventurer, Christina is also a wife and a mother of two, who she calls her greatest masterpieces.

Artist Contact:
Instagram: @pocketfulofletters