Courtney Senior

Featured Artist

Courtney Senior is a self-taught abstract artist located in Toronto, Canada. From a very young age, she engaged with her creative spirit, dabbling in the arts off and on for years. In her late twenties, Courtney lost her father in a sudden accident and turned to art to help her put all of the emotions she couldn’t express verbally into a form that helped her grieve and ultimately helped her heal. Recognizing her immense passion for painting and the power of flow state, Courtney has since pursued her art business, while maintaining a career in marketing.

Courtney is a minimalist when it comes to tools of the trade and creates each piece with fluid acrylics and a Princeton Catalyst Wedge. She uses color, depth and movement to evoke positive energy through her work.

Courtney is also the founder of #ArtandFound, a social movement dedicated to bringing joy and inspiration by way of art to communities around the world. #ArtandFound was started in 2015 in Toronto, Canada when Courtney would leave free artworks around the city for people to find. Since then, artists around the world have joined the movement. The first ever International Art and Found Day was March 12th, 2021, and had over 480 artists across 33 countries participate.

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