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I’m just a self-taught artist who loves colorful and bright art and I love to spread the colors with the entire world because I do believe colors can touch people’s souls and their hearts and makes them feel simply happy by just looking at these colorful works of art. I’m a Jordanian girl living in China. I have started creating art since my childhood but I started to turn this hobby into a serious and important parts of my life since 2017 because Art brings joy for me and gives me a really good space to be creative and makes my soul calm down with all that’s going on in my life. I started learning mandala and zentangle art and I share it on my Instagram account (Farah.brightart) and spend mostly all my free time just exploring this art and learning more about it. I’ve spent 3 years of my life just drawing mandala and zentangle and creating some digital illustration I get to teach Chinese kids the Arabic Language and crafts for about 4 years now. I decided to take this into a part time job and to give myself more time to explore art, But I became a full-time artist at the end of NOVEMBER of 2019 and I opened my Etsy shop to start sharing my artwork with the world such as selling my original artwork and prints. I also started selling stickers and many other products at the end of 2019 as well. I have discovered watercolor and different mediums such as watercolor and gouache as well as acrylic paint and I find that works with different mediums. But I loved working with watercolors the most and in a very short time I just felt my painting skills where getting way better and I started to inspire others with my watercolor paintings as it’s what I do with my mandala and zentangle artworks. This is one of the most important things for me to inspire others to create art and to not be shy to share their arts with the world …

My art is my therapy and I think it will be therapy for others in some way🤍

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