Fathiah Raihana

Featured Artist

I’m an artist who paints as a way to embrace her emotions. I believe that good and bad emotions are all powerful and beautiful in their own ways.

Growing up without the chance to learn art formally, I spent a majority of my days continually teaching herself how to paint and draw. I personally learns best on my own, experimenting with new things, I love to make my hands dirty while I learns what works and what doesn’t work

I started the journey with watercolor around 2013 as an escape mechanism from the real world. I chose to channel those emotions into her painting. That is when I decided to leave other mediums behind and delved even more with watercolor, as the characteristics of the watercolor itself suits my emotion and expressions that I wants to visualize. Most of my early artworks using watercolor was focusing on my emotion through colors and brush strokes, but I strive to improves my skills by painting various subject matters like flowers and foliages, portrait and food illustration. Turns out the time consumed, and patience taken in a more detailed work helps me to calm down and keep my emotions stable after every hurricane in my mind

Graduating in Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, University of Malaya (2017), I decided to apply my knowledge and experience in teaching in my own painting classes. As a self-taught artist for years figuring out my own style and hustling to improve my skills. I tried my best to provide the most enjoyable learning experience to those who are interested to start their art journey. Not only focusing on my creative business. I also I’m active in exhibiting my artwork around Malaysia since 2013.

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