Jed Dorsey

Featured Artist

Jed Dorsey is a fourth generation artist from Camano Island, WA. He is best known for his radiant, color-filled landscapes and is passionate about acrylics. Jed fell in love with this medium after stumbling across some beautiful paintings by artists Robert Genn and Mike Svob in 2001. He was fortunate to study under these artists during his formative early years as a painter in Vancouver, BC. Since then, Jed has studied under other great artists like Ovanes Berberian, John Michael Carter, Carolyn Anderson and John Poon. In 2016 Jed took the plunge into full-time art and has won numerous awards at various plein air events. His work has been featured on HGTV.

In the spring of 2018 Jed moved back to Camano Island (WA) after living in other places for many years. He never tires of the stunning views of the Pacific Northwest. Jed loves painting, teaching and creating online instructional videos in this beautiful, water-surrounded, mountainous setting.

Jed loves how light changes objects, from garbage cans to buildings to plants and trees, creating shadows and diverse colors. One of his favorite subject matters to paint is filtered sunlight on roads, rivers, sidewalks, or paths. It is an invitation to the viewer. He paints landscapes and cityscapes because he has lived in both rural and urban spaces, and sees beauty in both. Whether painting on location or from reference material, he uses a strong sense of design and composition to create scenes in an aesthetically pleasing way, adding his own colorful interpretation.

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