Jess Park

Featured Artist

Jess Park is a watercolor artist who has been painting from a very young age. She began her journey as a professional artist, creating custom original paintings for private collectors.

Jess sells her artwork and tutorials in her Etsy shop, and is currently developing new painting and lettering workshops. Jess credits her Instagram following with giving her the encouragement and inspiration to grow as an artist and take risks.

Influenced by artists such as Degas and Picasso, and inspired by intricate details in nature, Jess once painted as a means of release. “I used to paint and draw at the low points in my life,” she recalls, “I would put that sorrow on paper. It would be painful to look back at those pieces, and often I’d throw them away. Now, I paint because it brings me joy. I think that those feelings are reflected in my work. I enjoy looking at all my work now. It actually makes me sad to part with them.”

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Jess Park