Marcella Astore

Featured Artist

Marcella is a self-taught lettering artist and educator based just outside of New York City. She’s been creative since a young age and has been doing faux-calligraphy before she even knew it had a name. She first tried to properly teach herself how to letter in May 2016, but gave up after a few days. In May 2020, after years of on and off practice, Marcella decided to start lettering again on her Instagram @lovableletters. Now, she has the pleasure of teaching others hand lettering and modern calligraphy through her worksheets, tutorials, and workshops.

Marcella mainly works with markers and watercolor to create bright and colorful lettering projects. Many of her lettered pieces are inspired by landscapes, patterns, and objects that she sees in her everyday life. By adding everything from beach scenes to skylines to plaid inside of her lettering, she enjoys testing the limits of what she can create and hopes to inspire others to explore their own creativity as well.

Aside from running Lovable Letters, Marcella is a classical singer and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance.

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