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A glimpse about me, I graduated as an Architect before I continued my study in Master of Art in Urban Design. I am fluent in design, aesthetics and art where the basics such as colors, compositions and shapes are very well covered. After years of doing Architecture and Master Planning in the few companies, I feel like I need to do something on my own that I can give back to the community. I love to paint and I love to share with others my knowledge and my skill. I then found my other calling as an watercolor artist and teacher.

Currently, I am running a painting studio called Ruang Melukis. In this studio I teach the basics of painting with watercolor as the medium to children aged 5-14 years. I have held a number of Holiday Painting Workshops for children and adults and a Saturday Painting Workshop every Saturday twice a month. I also teach afterschool painting class in some private schools in my city. My main goal is for the children to be able to create and experiment any kind of art through painting with the correct technique. In the past two years, I have the total of more than one hundred students in my watercolor classes.

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Jenna Rainey