Natalia Nazarian

Featured Artist

Art has always been in my life. I began my creative way as a child in a children’s art school. Then I got involved in design and architecture. I got an architect degree at the university and this has become my main profession. I spent a lot of time designing buildings and interiors. Nevertheless, I always wanted to return to brushes and paints. And just two years ago, I heard my inner voice and engaged in watercolor art again. It was a little scary to start after a long break. But everyday practice gave me more and more confidence. Now for me the greatest joy is spending time mixing paints, coming up with new ideas for illustrations and sharing my experience with other people. The main direction in my paintings is modern watercolor techniques, botanical illustration. And also now I am focused on children’s book illustrations. Children have a completely different perception of pictures and I am very interested in creating something for them.

In my artworks I use various materials, but the most favorite is watercolour. “Neptune” Series of Princeton brushes are great for these tasks. They are very soft and have a thin tip. Which provides various possibilities for painting.

My message for beginners: If you are at the beginning of your art path, my advice to you is practice every day and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is your experience that will help you take your next step more confidently. Keep practicing, take your time, just let your brush flow and enjoy.

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