Sharone Stevens

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Sharone is a watercolour artist, illustrator and modern calligrapher. After many years working in a non-creative industry, she rediscovered her passion for watercolour following the birth of her son in 2017. Shortly afterwards in 2018, she launched Sharone Stevens Design where she now combines her love of watercolour with her passion for teaching others. Nowadays, you will be hard pushed to find her without a paintbrush in her hand, whether it be for business or pleasure!

Sharone’s style of painting and fun subject choices quickly became popular on Instagram and led her to teach on Skillshare where she now has many popular classes with thousands of students. Her love of nature is evident throughout her work and is where she draws most inspiration from, and she is fortunate enough to live in Kent, UK, which is also known as “the garden of England”.

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Sharone Stevens