Suheel Sheikh


Designing custom pieces has always been part of Los Angeles based fashion designer Suheel Sheikh’s life.  For the past 20 years, his passion for creating custom art culminated from the import automotive scene. Suheel fell in love with customizing import cars with color shifting paint jobs, big rims and loud graphics for car shows. Developing a custom car eventually led to cultivating custom made outfits for Hollywood celebrities & athletes, leading to his current position as Creative Director for Feelgood Threads.

Suheel is a self taught artist who has created one of a kind sneakers for celebrities like Drake, Swae Lee & Penny Hardaway. He extends Feelgood Threads repertoire of fashion by offering custom made clothing that has been seen on celebrities like Kevin Hart & Lamar Odom.
You can catch Suheel’s latest endeavors on a new YouTube web series called “Flip My Kicks”, where he designs custom shoes for popular guests. Suheel has also recently won a competition created by MTV called “Sneaker Wars”.

Suheel’s skillset in designing shoes comes from a variety of different experiences in his life.
Working at a body shop helped him develop patience & understanding when preparing a surface to paint. Being self taught played an integral role in developing skills in airbrushing, sewing and hand painting. As different shoes required different mediums or methods to create, Suheel used his experience from passed projects to create and improve on projects for the future.

Suheel also offers online tutoring on how to paint shoes on YouTube Channel “Feelgood Threads”. If you’re creative and have a passion to paint, catch Suheel with a Princeton brush in hand as he helps guide you to make your own custom piece of art!

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