Tin Bejar

Featured Artist

Tin Bejar is a Watercolor and Digital artist based in Manila, Philippines. From a young age, Tin has always been inclined to do visual arts as a hobby. In 2013, she graduated from a renowned university in Manila, which led her to a successful career in Information Technology.

However, at the back of her mind, Tin was constantly looking for something that she can be deeply passionate about. In 2016, she decided to dip her toes again into visual arts, particularly watercolor painting. Outside of her busy corporate schedule, she began attending workshops and internships with various artists. By dedicating time for the arts everyday, Tin was finally able to develop her own style in
Botanical Watercolor Painting.

Throughout her creative journey, Tin’s work enabled her to land local magazine features, work on major projects, and collaborate with prominent artists and brands. This budding artist even discovered a newly found passion in teaching. She has held Calligraphy and Watercolor Workshops for more than 400 students in just 3 years.

Today, Tin’s love for traditional art has evolved. She started transforming her painting illustrations into digital pattern designs, which gives her work a wider reach through different types of useful merchandise. Her go-to Princeton brushes includes the Aqua Elite and Mini Detailer series.

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