Used in a pouncing or tapping motion to create animal fur and foliage, repetitive patterns


Fan brush strokes

For blending and softening the edges of other strokes; dry brushing to create hair, trees, shrubbery and grass

Round Blender

Round blender brush strokes

For softening an area and as the name states, blending color

Round Blender brushes are available in:

Filbert Grainer and Grainer

Filbert Grainers

Hairs are thinned and spread apart near the end of the tip for cross hatching, fur, grass and other textural effects


Fix it

For removing or picking up color, as the name implies, fixing

Fix-It brushes are available in:

Dagger Striper

Quill Watercolor brush strokes

For straight lining and cross hatching, thick to thin lines

Lunar Blender

Lunar Blender Brush Stroke

A versatile brush that is stiffer than most other shapes which makes it ideal for moving paint and creating multi-dimensional shapes

Lunar Blender brushes are available in:


Mop Paint Brushes

Best for blending and also moving low viscosity fluid paints. Also used as a soft wash brush to spread color

Pointed Filbert

Mottler brush stroke

A filbert shape brush but instead of a rounded end it comes to a crisp point to fine detail and lines

Pointed Filbert brushes are available in:


Mottler brush stroke

A stiff bristle brush that is primarily used for special effects and painting techniques like dry brushing

Scumbler brushes are available in: