David Lidbetter

Ashley Kaufman

The Catalyst Wedges are definitely something that I recommend all artists to try,regardless of medium or style. They are the best tool invented for artists since the painting knife! I use painting knives quite a lot in my work but have found Princeton’s Wedges to be a favorite. Their silicone construction makes them more responsive to pressure than metal knives. They are designed ergonomically to fit the hand, and they feel good to hold — very secure. And you can use any side of the wedge you want; in contrast, a painting knife has only one edge. I can use the sharp edge to either cut through layers of paint or scrape back passages with ease. I use them to drag color across the surface of the canvas to create bold blocks of color, especially where I don’t want the hair texture of a brush to show. It’s a great tool for tree trunks! For me, Catalyst Wedges provide another tool for mark-making, which is a big signature of my work. I work in watercolor sometimes when developing a study for one of my paintings, and I use them to scrape back through the watercolor to provide texture and drama. My favorite shapes are number 1 and number 6.