Travel Brushes for Painting on the Go

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Princeton Neptune Travel Brushes

Do you like to paint en plein air? Or take your painting out of the studio to other indoor places? Invest in travel brushes for painting on the go! With Princeton Travel Brushes you can safely take your favorite brushes with you. Travel brushes are fantastic for painting the countryside, the hustle and bustle of the city, or the great outdoors.

Princeton Travel Brushes for Painting on the GoWatercolor and gouache painting is especially great for art on the move because the paint dries before you need to pack up and take it home! When traveling and painting on the go, limit your color palette. We love a travel-sized watercolor set like the Aquafine Travel Set from Daler-Rowney! Small pads or blocks of watercolor paper, like Strathmore Watercolor Art Journals, are the natural choice for watercolor and gouache painting en plain air.

Grab your small or travel-sized paint palette, a small paper block, and a travel brush and you’re ready to go.

Princeton Neptune and Aqua Elite Travel BrushesPrinceton Aqua Elite Travel Brushes

Our travel brushes come in a compact carrying case with a magnetic closure. The case fits easily in pockets and bags, making it perfect for trips! The brushes are collapsible and convert from small and pocket-sized to a longer brushes that are ready to use. When you’re ready to paint, reverse the cover that is over the brush hairs and attach it as the handle. Not only does this save space while you’re on the go, but it also protects the fine hairs of the brush.

“I love the Princeton Neptune travel brush because it paints so smoothly, and the tip gets very precise when painting tiny details! It’s also super great at protecting the bristles when I toss it in my plein air pack!” – Jaclyn Baer, Landscape watercolor artist

Princeton Travel Brushes in UsePrinceton Neptune and Aqua Elite Travel Brushes are made of synthetic hair. The Neptune brushes are synthetic squirrel, extremely soft, and they hold the most water. Our Aqua Elite Travel Brushes are synthetic Kolinsky, slightly stiffer than the Neptune line, and better for details. Each Travel Brush set includes 4 round brushes in sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10. Having a range of sizes is perfect for painting larger areas and smaller details!

With a small watercolor set-up and travel brushes for painting on the go, you can be ready to paint anywhere at any time! Check out the Get Inspired page for more tips and tricks.